Digital Marketing

Our Approach

We don't robotically write and post basic messages. Rather, we create and communicate impactful ongoing messaging that establishes a dialog educating, informing and amusing your online audience.

By building trust, exceeding goals, and deliver results we develop enduring relationships with our clients.

Our Story

The idea came about over a late night glass of wine. It suddenly occurred just how many successful small businesses are not marketing themselves to their full potential, especially digitally!

Nearly everyone has a smart phone now and so rely heavily on a business's website and company reviews. But, what if your company name doesn't even come up? Then a potential customer likely would overlook your business and choose your competition. So, we decided to help companies get online and grow their business because they are missing out on a huge portion of the market.

Meet the Team

Starting small and focused while helping the businesses with small voices.

Devin Daley

Founder & CEO

I've had numerous digital marketing positions within various industries before I decided to create Social Media Matters.

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